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While people are piling up books for moms to read, sometimes dads get counted out. But dads are equally important partners, and in modern times — i. Dads parent, sometimes even more than their female counterparts, which is why a little light reading from the best sources is a must for new fathers.

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Here are 14 of the best parenting books that speak to just dads. Brott and Jennifer Ash is required reading for dads to be. This extremely useful guide describes the process of what a laboring person will go through at each stage and how to best support it. Just make sure to read it sooner than later for any moms that go into labor prematurely. Honestly, pregnant mamas have a lot going on — from feeling sick and bloated to planning and preparing their body for birth.

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In other words, get ready for an emotional roller coaster of fun! From lacking sensitivity to being just plain clueless, there are no shortage of errors to be made. The Father Figure.


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14 Books That Expectant Fathers Must Read

Bangkok: Luxmirung. Jurs, S. Research Method in Education an Introduction. Massachusetts: Pearson. Home ThaiJo. And it seemed only natural that the process of shared parenting should begin during pregnancy. Since neither of us had had children before, we were both rather ill-prepared for pregnancy. Fortunately for my wife, there were literally hundreds of books designed to educate, encourage, support, and comfort women during their pregnancies. But when I began to realize that I, too, was expecting, and that the pregnancy was bringing out feelings and emotions I didn't understand, I couldn't find any books to turn to.

I looked for answers in my wife's pregnancy books, but information about what expectant fathers go through if it was discussed at all was at best superficial, consisting mostly of advice on how men could be supportive of their pregnant wives. And to make things worse, since my wife and I were the first couple in our circle of close friends to get pregnant, there was no one else I could talk to about what I was going through, no one who could reassure me that what I was feeling was normal and all right.

Until fairly recently, there has been precious little research on the man's emotional and psychological experiences during pregnancy.

The very title of one of the first articles to appear on the subject should give you some idea of the medical and psychiatric communities' attitude toward the impact of pregnancy on men. Written by William H. Wainwright, M.

The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be by Armin A. Brott

The reality is that men's emotional response to pregnancy is no less varied than women's; expectant fathers feel everything from relief to denial, fear to frustration, anger to joy. And for anywhere from 22 to 79 percent of men, there are physical symptoms of pregnancy as well more on this on pages So why haven't men's experiences been discussed more?

In my opinion it's because we, as a society, value motherhood more than fatherhood, and we automatically assume that issues of childbirth and childrearing are women's issues. But as you'll learn--both from reading this book and from your own experience--this is simply not the case. When Jennifer Ash approached me about collaborating with her on The Expectant Father, we agreed that our goal was to help you understand and make sense of what you're going through during your pregnancy. That's an important goal, but one that is clearly dependent on your partner's being pregnant.

A good understanding of your partner's perspective on the pregnancy--emotional as well as physical--is essential to understanding how you will react. It was precisely this perspective that Jennifer, whose son was born only a few days after my second daughter, provided. Throughout our collaboration she contributed valuable information and comments not only about what pregnant women are going through but also about the ways women most want men to stay involved.

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A Note on Structure Throughout the book, Jennifer and I try to present straightforward, practical information in an easy-to-absorb format. Each of the main chapters is divided into four sections as follows: What She's Going Through Even though this is a book about what you as an expectant father are going through during pregnancy, we felt it was important to summarize your partner's physical and emotional pregnancy experience as well.