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Depending on company size and budget, there are plenty of outside firms skilled in creating personalized employee wellness programs. But there are also a few things you can do in the short term, including:. Give employees an extra minute break each day to take a walk, lift weights or get play basketball. Replace processed snacks with items like fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy trail mix. Encourage employees to get up and stretch.

Employee Wellness Program Ideas Your Team Will Love [Updated]

As part of its workplace wellness program, Cedars-Sinai Health System produced videos that promoted stretching exercises employees could do at their desks. Using budget toward employee wellness initiatives may seem secondary to other efforts with a more direct link to revenue growth. But make no mistake: by investing in your employees' wellness , you'll see nearly immediate ROI in the form of a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Give employees an extra minute break each day to take a walk, lift weights or get play basketball Arrange teams and set quarterly fitness goals, such as pounds lost or steps taken Replace processed snacks with items like fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy trail mix Implement standing desks Create an incentive program for employees to track their steps and award prizes Encourage employees to get up and stretch.

The opinions expressed here by Inc. Sponsored Business Content. Give employees the option to choose how they want to use their bank of paid time off sick days, personal days, and vacation. Pick a day of the week for people to dress up in a certain theme.

Theme days are a great way to boost employee morale and engagement. Play some music through speakers around the office. Studies show that music improves mood, which can help boost productivity and creativity. Opt for music without lyrics and keep it at an ambient noise level. Each day counts as 1 point and Team One also throws in double points for certain days of the week.

Working hard deserves some playing hard. Take your team out for Happy Hour after a long workweek to help everyone unwind before the weekend. Let your employees enjoy more of their summer by offering half day or shortened day Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. By allowing people to ditch the heels or suit and tie, employees will be much more inclined to take a walk outside or bike to work.

Dress code may seem like a casual thing, but employees have serious reactions to it and opinions on it. Talint International , reporting on a Stormline Poll, called out the points below to underscore the importance of a casual dress code:. In inclement weather the company covers the cost of a taxi, Lyft, or Uber ride for the walkers and bikers. Plus pet owners take multiple walks throughout the day.

Remind your employees that their hard work has been recognized by outside organizations. Frame your accolades, honorable mentions, and community awards around the office. Free bonus: Download this entire list of company team building ideas as a PDF. Make yearly work anniversaries a celebration. Also have the CEO or someone else on the executive team craft a hand written note to that person thanking them for their service this goes a LONG way. Probably one of the best wellness activities for groups you can do are retreats. Company retreats are a ton of fun and a great way to brainstorm new ideas to drive the company forward.

Use the beginning of the day to work on the company and then follow it up at night with a group dinner and drinks. A Netflix subscription, babysitting, custom shoes, tickets to a sporting event.


Check out our list of company swag ideas your employees really want. Setup a Nintendo Wii, foosball table, darts, or ping-pong table for some friendly daily competition.

Make sure your team has all the cool company swag you giveaway at conferences and social events Hats, t-shirts, polos, pens, etc. Throw the old coffee pot into the trash and upgrade to a bean-to-cup coffee machine or coffee keg. There are also several apps and services in the digital health marketplace that can help employers ensure that their workforce is adopting and keeping new, healthy habits. Your busy people could benefit greatly by having a laundry service pickup their clothes and return them back to the office.

Chances are your good people know other good people, so offer employees a bonus for referring someone who is hired and kept on for at least 6 months. Make it fun and hold an election every quarter, 6 months, or year where the whole office gets to vote on the new woman or man in charge.

Lay out some hot water, tea bags, and some healthy treats. Put all the quotes in a bowl. Invite people to take a minute break to enjoy a cup of tea and snack and have everyone grab 1 quote from the bowl. Ask people to submit photos from their hikes and highlight trails they walked. A facebook group will also easily allow people to organize group hikes.

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Purchase a Dry Erase Spinning Prize Wheel from Amazon that employees get to spin for prizes when they hit special milestones like achieving a quarterly goal, winning a company challenge, etc. According to the Mayo Clinic , laughter really is the best medicine. To get your office chuckling, give away two tickets to a local comedy show or even invite a local comedian to perform. Find an empty office or unused area around your office and turn it into a place where people can meet and collaborate on projects.

Install some comfortable furniture so people can set up shop away from their desks and let the creativity flow. Everyone likes more flexibility with work because it allows him or her to structure their day to their lifestyle. Kick the habit of mandated working hours i. Nothing is more important than the personal and professional development of your employees.

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Offer a flat or percentage based subsidy for personal development books , seminars, and training courses. Give your responsible and reliable team members the option of working remotely 1 day out of the week. Remote work allows people to work more productively, eliminate long commutes, and spend more time with their family. Get a whiteboard where people only write their non-work related wellness goals. Create a google shared spreadsheet where everyone within a department lists the 3 most important assignment, tasks, or projects they need to finish each day and their top 5 for the week.

This will help create a better level of accountability for each person and lead people to focus on the most important items:. The program led to the developments of Gmail and Adsense, so it could give your team some time to let their true creative genius shine. From 9am-noon, try banning any non-urgent meetings and interruptions with each other. Then buy a white board and put all the names up on it. Leave some dry-erase markers out so people can call-out another team member for something positive they did. For more ideas like this, check out our list of the best employee recognition ideas.

Choose a day of the week or month to gather for a company-wide Lunch and Learn. This is especially important for younger employees, but can also be useful for older staff that is not familiar with finance.

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Here are some great online resources to get you started:. Reading interesting books allow employees to share ideas on a wide range of topics. Select a book each quarter and allow people to form small groups to read and review. Setup a bookshelf in your office and ask everyone to lend books to the library.

Create a sign-up sheet so people can check-in and check-out books. Most companies have a bulletin board or chalkboard where employees frequently pass by. Write a new inspirational quote daily or weekly to energize the office. BrainyQuote is a great site to find quotes. Toms Shoes has a wellness wall at their office in Los Angeles where employees can post things like healthy eating tips, exercise routines, etc. Vision boards are a way for people to associate images with the things they want to achieve in life.

Christine Kane breaks down how to create a vision board in 5 steps. Emotional wellbeing depends on the ability to recognize and process events in healthy ways. Every benefit sharp emotional intelligence offers—including enhanced communicating, clear thinking, and deepened interpersonal relationships—boosts wellness levels around the office. Look for emotional intelligence coaches and trainers in your area, or see what online resources, such as Lynda , have to offer. Read the acknowledgements aloud during your weekly team meetings.

To ward off SAD, maximize the amount of natural light in your office, or use bright artificial lights like the Verilux HappyLigh t at employee desks. One of the best investments an organization can make is in the development of its people.

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Encourage people to seek ongoing education by subsidizing any classes they take that will help them grow in their position. Employee wellness programs can be difficult to manage. There are plenty of corporate employee wellness tools available to organizations that help manage and maintain programs to keep team members engaged and active.

These platforms can help with employee health education and conduct confidential health assessments, as well as increase employee participation and progress through gamification that includes incentives.

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Regardless of the size of your business, there are several reasons you and your employees can benefit from an increased focus on employee health and happiness. Employee wellness programs are a vital component in attracting top talent, keeping them happy, and decreasing employee turnover and absenteeism. Free bonus: Download this entire list as a PDF. Includes 10 bonus ideas not found in this post. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.